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Field Campaign Canceled Due to COVID-19!

Dear Portland,

I decided to suspend my field campaign last night in light of the current public health emergency we're facing. The safety and health of my campaign staff, volunteers, and community members come first. We'll be using alternative methods such as phone and text banking, pushing out more info through social media and our website, and getting creative about how to connect virtually. We'll also be volunteering our time to support various efforts to serve the most vulnerable in our community.

Because we won't be out in the field or attending large gatherings, I'm asking that those of you who aren't being financially impacted by the crisis to contribute to my campaign online. While contributions of $5 to $250 are accepted, $50 maximizes my matching funds through the Open & Accountable Elections Program. At this point, I'd rather you donate to a local non-profit than contribute more than $50 to my campaign. Stay safe, help each other, and demand action from your elected leaders to protect small businesses and workers, and keep people housed!



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