✓ Successfully advocated for the Cannabis Social Equity Grant to finance restorative justice and community reinvestment grant programs (from an assessment on local cannabis sales)

✓ Passed The Mandatory Rental Relocation Ordinance (or "Relo"), which requires landlords who are no-cause or economically evicting tenants through no fault of their own to share in the burden they are creating for their tenants by paying a relocation fee.

✓ Passed The Fair Access in Renting (or "FAIR") Ordinance, which protects prospective tenants with barriers to housing (such as criminal backgrounds, poor credit, low-income or lack of standard identification methods) from being unjustly denied tenancy and predatory security deposit practices

✓ Created the first workers board for ride-share drivers to give a voice to non-unionized drivers

✓ Initiated and then worked with Commissioner Hardesty’s office to insert a Labor Peace Agreement process into the City's sustainable procurement policy.


But we’re not done!  Here’s what we’re working on…

  • Exploring additional options for investment in historically under-served communities

  • Developing anti-displacement initiatives that will add stability for local small businesses

  • Protections for gig economy workers against abuse and misclassification

  • Requiring businesses that serve an essential need (shelter, food, mobility, health, and hygiene) to always provide a cash option

  • Reform of the Arts Tax.  We need to provide relief to families who are working hard just to pay the rent and ask people who make more to contribute more