✓ My office established and led the Sanctuary City Task Force to determine the community's next step priorities after Portland passed its Welcoming, Inclusive, Sanctuary City Resolution


✓Successfully fought for funding for the Universal Representation Project to provide immigrants facing deportation proceedings with legal representation. This seed funding from the City of Portland helped establish the Equity Corps of Oregon, who were able to leverage that initial investment from the city to secure resources from other jurisdictions, law firms, software engineers and others to build one of the most effective responses to deportation proceedings in the country.

✓ Joined with Commissioner Hardesty to withdraw from the Joint Terrorism Task Force

✓ Fought hard for full census funding to make sure our neighbors are counted so we get the resources and representation we deserve from the federal government

✓ Supported the creation of and funding for Portland United Against Hate which provides community-based support to Portlanders targeted by hate speech and crimes.

Chloe's current and ongoing efforts include:

  • Continuing to fund Universal Defense. The vast majority of individuals facing deportation have meritorious cases, but without legal representation, the vast majority of them will be deported.

  • I'm currently fighting for economic relief for undocumented workers during the COVID-19 crisis. These workers pay into our system but cannot access supports like unemployment. It's unconscionable that we would leave these workers, who perform vital work and greatly contribute to our economy, without support.

  • With a growing immigrant population and many underserved communities, it's critical that the City ensures language access for limited English proficiency community members. This vital accommodation needs to be fully funded and very accessible.



✓ Successfully advocated for the Cannabis Social Equity Grant to finance restorative justice and community reinvestment grant programs (from an assessment on local cannabis sales)

✓ Passed The Mandatory Rental Relocation Ordinance (or "Relo"), which requires landlords who are no-cause or economically evicting tenants through no fault of their own to share in the burden they are creating for their tenants by paying a relocation fee.

✓ Passed The Fair Access in Renting (or "FAIR") Ordinance, which protects prospective tenants with barriers to housing (such as criminal backgrounds, poor credit, low-income or lack of standard identification methods) from being unjustly denied tenancy and predatory security deposit practices

✓ Created the first workers board for ride-share drivers to give a voice to non-unionized drivers

✓ Initiated and then worked with Commissioner Hardesty’s office to insert a Labor Peace Agreement process into the City's sustainable procurement policy.


But we’re not done!  Here’s what we’re working on…

  • Exploring additional options for investment in historically under-served communities

  • Developing anti-displacement initiatives that will add stability for local small businesses

  • Protections for gig economy workers against abuse and misclassification

  • Requiring businesses that serve an essential need (shelter, food, mobility, health, and hygiene) to always provide a cash option

  • Reform of the Arts Tax.  We need to provide relief to families who are working hard just to pay the rent and ask people who make more to contribute more