✓ Developed and passed The Mandatory Rental Relocation Ordinance (or "Relo"), which helped stabilize thousands of renters in their homes by requiring landlords who were no-cause or economically evicting tenants to share in the burden of their moving expenses

✓ Developed and passed The Fair Access in Renting (or "FAIR") Ordinance, which lowers multiple barriers to housing and reduces housing discrimination

✓Developed and funded a directive to develop anti-displacement strategies in the City’s 2019 budget 

✓Endorsed and championed the Metro Regional Housing Bond, which will create 3900 permanently affordable homes throughout the region

✓Worked closely with the Kenton neighborhood and community advocates to site the Kenton Women's Village, an alternative shelter site which is home to 20 women transitioning out of homelessness

✓Deprioritized enforcement on RVs and tiny homes parked in private driveways to allow homeowners to provide safe sites for people living in them

✓Made major improvements to BDS permitting process (including online applications and plans submitting)

✓Created a small business concierge service to help small developers and community organizations navigate the permitting process


✓ In 2016, before being elected to Council, I testified in support of the passage of Portland's deconstruction ordinance, which requires some projects to be fully deconstructed as opposed to mechanically demolished, keeping waste out of landfills and pollutants out of our air. Building on the success of the initial ordinance, Portland City Council adopted an amendment in 2019, raising the year-built threshold from 1916 to 1940.

✓ In 2017, I co-sponsored and helped craft one of the most ambitious renewables resolutions in the country, establishing the goal of meeting 100% of community-wide energy needs with renewable energy by 2050. Given the current best science, I believe it's time to revisit and double-down on that timeline.

✓ In 2018, my office, in partnership with environmental advocates, crafted the strongest green roof requirements in the country for the Central City 2035 Plan.

✓ In 2018, I was the only member of the Council that endorsed and supported the Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF). I devoted staff resources to its development before it became a measure, and I helped fundraise and canvass for the measure. PCEF will help ensure a just and equitable transition to a green economy.

✓ In 2018, four months after the Oregon Legislature passed SB871: Addressing Lead Paint in Residential Demolitions, my office created and passed city regulations for lead and asbestos abatement in residential demolitions. When we discovered that the rules weren't being enforced as we intended by BDS (which is no longer my bureau), we pursued clarification through admin rules and code changes.

✓ In 2018, I supported the City of Portland Clean and Efficient Fleet Practices, which requires the use of biodiesel and set higher standards for fleet replacement.

✓ In 2019, I stood with the rest of my colleagues in opposition to Zenith Energy. We have denied permit applications for adding underground pipes at its oil terminal and explored multiple avenues for legally defensible approaches to fighting it.

✓ Over the past 18 months, I have stood with environmental advocates, Albina Vision, the school district, and other local elected representatives on the Rose Quarter I-5 project. I successfully negotiated for a community forum with ODOT, an extended comment period, I've repeatedly called for a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and am still pushing for the establishment of both executive and community advisory bodies

✓ In 2019, I supported Commissioner Fish's initiative to get rid of the city's gas-powered leaf blowers, and have committed to pursuing the expansion of that ban to private use.

✓Developed the Rose Lanes Project which aims to increase public transit ridership by making buses and streetcars faster and more frequent by re-allocating right-of-way to buses and streetcars with transit priority treatments.



✓ My office established and led the Sanctuary City Task Force to determine the community's next step priorities after Portland passed its Welcoming, Inclusive, Sanctuary City Resolution.


✓Successfully fought for funding for the Universal Representation Project to provide immigrants facing deportation proceedings with legal representation. This seed funding from the City of Portland helped establish the Equity Corps of Oregon, who were able to leverage that initial investment from the city to secure resources from other jurisdictions, law firms, software engineers and others to build one of the most effective responses to deportation proceedings in the country.

✓ Joined with Commissioner Hardesty to withdraw from the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

✓ Fought hard for full census funding to make sure our neighbors are counted so we get the resources and representation we deserve from the federal government.

✓ Supported the creation of and funding for Portland United Against Hate which provides community-based support to Portlanders targeted by hate speech and crimes.


After decades of neglect and underinvestment, PBOT has a daunting $1B backlog in deferred maintenance. We've made real headway in the past three years since the passage of the Fix Our Streets Gas Tax.

✓Developed the Rose Lanes Project which aims to increase the reliability and efficiency of public transit by re-allocating right-of-way to buses and streetcars with transit priority treatments.

✓ Aligned bureau programs with an equity lens to work towards affordable and equitable access to transit.

✓ Reformed the abandoned auto program to be more responsive during our housing crisis to people using their vehicles as shelter. Our staff work with people to access resources and more sustainable shelter options and minimize interventions that are disruptive or take away their property.

✓ Started the Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility Task Force to dig deep into how transportation causes inequitable outcomes and make recommendations around pricing that reflects more progressive and innovative models.  Nothing like this exists in the country and many cities are looking forward to their recommendations.

✓ Fought against the I-5 Rose Quarter Project without real reparations attached that will allow the Albina Vision to be realized and deliver real benefit.


These efforts have all been launched and are ongoing:

✓ For an excellent overview of our work on Civic Life code change, aimed at addressing the 2016 audit of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (now Civic Life) and the 30+ year conversation about the lack of diversity in our neighborhood network, click here.


✓ I championed the City's 311 initiative which is now in development as a collaborative project between Civic Life and OMF. The City is weak on customer service, we struggle to get information out to the public, and we don't have adequate avenues for engagement and input.

✓ Voting is one of of our most fundamental constitutional rights. In 2017 my office and Civic Life lead a non-partisan, content neutral, bilingual GOTV effort in some of Portland's lowest voter turnout precincts. While difficult to measure the impact, we saw higher increase in turnout in the precincts that were canvassed than those that weren't. I believe that the City and County has a responsibility to provide basic information and support language access for communities that face barriers to participating in our democratic process.

✓ I was an enthusiastic supporter of the Open & Accountable Elections Program and am now participating in it. I support limiting campaign contributions and getting corporate dollars out of all campaigns.

✓ I'm a big believer in local power. Especially in a state like Oregon, with wildly divergent regions and a part-time citizen's legislature, municipalities need to be able to advance regulation that serve the needs of their communities. I've successfully fought back against preemption on regulating the TNC industry and years of effort on the part of housing advocates, myself included, has led to some loosening of state preemptions and stronger tenant protections for all Oregon renters.

✓ Government has an obligation to provide reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities and people who need language supports. Every year I've fought for increased funding for accommodations, which is currently left up to individual bureaus, making accommodations inconsistent and hard to access. We need these services to be adequately funded and overseen by a single bureau to ensure consistency across all bureaus.


✓ Successfully advocated for the Cannabis Social Equity Grant to finance restorative justice and community reinvestment grant programs (from an assessment on local cannabis sales).

✓ Passed The Mandatory Rental Relocation Ordinance (or "Relo"), which requires landlords who are no-cause or economically evicting tenants through no fault of their own to share in the burden they are creating for their tenants by paying a relocation fee.

✓ Passed The Fair Access in Renting (or "FAIR") Ordinance, which protects prospective tenants with barriers to housing (such as criminal backgrounds, poor credit, low-income or lack of standard identification methods) from being unjustly denied tenancy and predatory security deposit practices

✓ Created the first workers board for ride-share drivers to give a voice to non-unionized drivers

✓ Initiated and then worked with Commissioner Hardesty’s office to insert a Labor Peace Agreement process into the City's sustainable procurement policy.


Commissioner Eudaly has welcomed thousands of Portlanders to City Hall through dozens of events since she took office in 2017.


✓ 2017: Dead Moon Night: 13 bands paid tribute to one of Portland's favorite and most famous bands in celebration of their 30th anniversary

✓ 2017: OPAL and Friends GiveGuide Event

✓ 2017: Spirit of Portland Awards, Honorees Kathleen Saadat and The Raging Grannies

✓ 2018: George Thorn Day

✓ 2018: Film Festival Opening & Disability Culture Celebration

✓ 2018: Chirgilchin Tuvan Throat Singers

✓ 2018: Nat Turner Project Book Release

✓ 2018: Spirit of Portland Awards, Honorees Ed Washington and Street Books

✓ 2018: What Now 3.0

✓ 2018: Outside the Frame

✓ 2019: Portland Comic Book Month Comic Fest

✓ 2019: Spirit of Portland Awards, Sunrise PDX

✓ 2019: Doers Gathering

✓ 2019: Street Books

✓ 2019: PHAME 35th Anniversary Celebration

✓ 2019: Isaka Shamsud-Din Day

✓ 2019: Bring Back Alder Street Food Carts Fundraiser

✓ 2019: We Had Jazz: Carl Henniger Photo Exhibit

✓ 2019: Totally East: Life in East Germany Photo Exhibit

✓ 2019: Portland Film Festival Evening at City Hall

✓ 2019: An Iliad


✓ 2017 Keep Oregon Well Mental Health Heroes Awards

✓ 2017 CPP Distinguished Partner in Affordable Housing Preservation

✓ 2017 DJC News Makers Award

✓ 2018 Causa American Dreamer Award

✓ 2018 Good in The Hood Recognition of Support

✓ 2019 Honorary Doctorate of Arts PNCA




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